About Us

Asistid@consulting quality based on extensive experience. 

Asistid@consulting is a spanish company founded by Francisco De La Torre.

Our headquarters are situated in Valencia with branches in Córdoba and Madrid with our consulting partners. Our professionl experience is supported for many years in sectors such law, banking , commercial services and international market. 

Now, we are partners to International business consultancy mainly from Europe to Latinoamerica (which are a huge markets with good chances).

International Export Manager.- Certified Professional by EXTENDA  [ Trade Promotion Agency of Andalucia (SPAIN


We provide services regarding sales export and promotion for our clients abroad. Clients who have a market strategy in place will be provided assistance to implement their commercial plan.

Strategy and Internationalisation

To be able to obtain your aims, it would be necessary to share previous information in order to diminish trade risk and reduce cost to increase your sales in the future.

Professional advice for operational simplification and cost saving:

* Market research.

* Search export assistant, customers, suppliers on foreign markets.

* Selection of markets.

* Economic analysis to set up branches abroad.

* Subsidies and support to internationalisation.

* Customs negotiations

* Technical and logistical support

* Tariff consultations

* Information on international documentation

* Draft and advice in international contracts

* Etc

Financial services

* Banking consultancy

As independent commercial  financial advisers with extensive experience in banking, we will use our knowledge of the banking sector to offer a truly independent analysis of the financial services you are currently getting.With access to a wide variety of financial institutions , we can match your needs to finance your business.

* Manage the process  of mortgage and personal lendings and projects finance.

* Management of delayed payments, as well as agreements with creditors and   debtors.

Mobile United Kingdom:  0044 7922924489

Mobile Spain: 0034 655219704

emails: ft.asistida@gmail.com // info@asistid.com

Skype: asistid@consulting